Frank Zappa
Jef Jaisun and Thomas Dotzler

I didn't actually shoot this one of Frank, but I did help set it up. I snagged a Berkeley Barb photo pass for my old pal Thomas Dotzler, erstwhile Zappatista, and gave him a quick overview of a borrowed 35mm SLR. I told him to just keep shooting. He shot, I wrote the story. This was most likely 1968. Frank was hosting a Q&A lunch for members of the Underground Press and some alternative radio folks at a North Beach (SF) restaurant. In this pic Frank was probably talking to the guy from a Sacramento FM station. It was during this little tete-a-tete that Frank got off one of the best one-liners I've ever heard: "I'm always amazed at how stupid people are."

In 1968, I wrote in Frank's name for President. Considering what came later, too bad he didn't win. Long live Frank Zappa, a genius in many respects and one hell of a human being.

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